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GFRP Rebar Technology offers a wide range of products specifically designed for use in agriculture. GFRP is ideal for large scale industrial agriculture and domestic use. GFRP rods and stakes are highly durable and offer high tensile strength, superior to steel but with significantly reduced weight.

Stakes made of plastic or glass fibre reinforced polymer. GFRP plant stakes, stainless GFRP tree supports at the best price in Spain.

GFRP tree supports

GRP plant supports are an ideal alternative to those made of steel and wood, which are commonly used in all types of crops. The most beneficial properties for the agricultural sector are its inert nature and resistance to chemical changes and temperature differences. In addition, it does not attract insects, as wood does, nor is it made of materials that can decompose.

Agricultural use of GFRP. GFRP supports for plants and trees

It is the perfect fastening system for plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables and vegetables. Glass fibre reinforced stakes are widely used in the most advanced agricultural plantations and are ideal for the construction of structures such as greenhouses, arched sheds and insulated flower constructions.

Fibreglass stakes are the best alternative for securing plants and trees. GRP are strong and durable, like steel, and flexible, light and economical like bamboo.

GFRP Rebar for use as a support or stake for trees, plants and all types of crops | GFRP Rebar Technology


GRP features

  • It is strong, tough and flexible.

  • It allows for a wide variety of designs.

  • It is resistant to adverse weather conditions.

  • Does not rust or degrade.

  • Does not spread fire.

  • Does not weaken on contact with chemicals.

  • It is cheaper than bamboo and more durable than steel.

Garden GFRP GRP. Manufacturer and distributor of stakes, stakes and rods for plants and trees made of glass fibre reinforced polymer in Leon, Spain, El Bierzo.

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